Yong-Jin Yang

Jeju Local Cuisine Preservation Institute

Yong-Jin Yang has endeavor to pass down Jeju traditional cuisine and food culture with his mother, Ji-Soon Kim, the first Master of Traditional Food of Jeju. As expert of Jeju traditional food culture, he finished Pizza, Pasta, Risotto course at ‘A Tavola Con Lo Chef’ in Italy, and expert course at Tokyo Confectionery School and Japan Professional Confectionery College. He has operated confectionery academy since 1996, and now he is in charge of Principal of Ji-Soon Kim’s Culinary and Confectionery Academy. He established Jeju Local Cuisine Preservation Institute in 2000, has endeavor to preserve the original form of Jeju food culture and research local ingredients of Jeju in order to develop Jeju traditional cuisine He appears on TV show ‘Yong-Jin Yang’s local food’ in public TV networks, and he makes Jeju traditional food much public by he and her mother’s restaurant .

How did you feel about joining JFWF 2019?

I liked it because it felt like it was arranged over the years. Let’s hope it will be an event with more people.

What is the most important factor in cooking?

Cooking is where the cook communicates with the person who will eat the good ingredients and dishes. The ingredients are important.

Any advice for those who dream of a chef?

Chefs are people who cook for others rather than themselves. Consciousness about others is a top priority.


Hallabong Rice Cake, Buckwheat Tangerine Cream Potato Pudding