Yangchul Cooking

Yang Chul, who had dreamed of being an actress, unexpectedly attracted by cooking when she was in Japan. After graduated from Hattori Nutrition College in Tokyo, she opened a small bistro called which means ‘presenting good things’ in Sinsa, Seoul, and has managed it for 5 years. Since people who attracted by not only tasty and neat dishes but comfortable atmosphere of her bistro asked cooking class, she could open ‘Yang Chul kitchen’ as well. She introduces the excellence of Korean culinary culture to foreigners by managing Cooking Trip, and also endeavors to make healthy dietary culture by collaborating with local farm. Currently, she is active in various area. She appeared on Korean TV shows such as ‘I live alone’ and ‘The temperature of love’ as cooking director, and she contributes to public welfare by developing menu of ‘SK happiness lunch box’ which is for disadvantaged.

How did you feel about joining JFWF 2019?

It was an honor to meet with an international chef at JFWF, who also organized pop-ups with Alejandro Chef from Colombia after the festival.

What is the most important factor in cooking?

Persistence. Persistence is important in everything, but cooking requires a lot of patience, both physically and mentally. I can’t stand it without persistence.

Any advice for those who dream of a chef?

Chef’s job is really hard. It’s hard not to love cooking. The process is so difficult that you should be able to enjoy it on your own. If I do what I like, I can go through any process, guys. Way to go!


Jeju Root Vegetables and Organic Herbs with Cheonhyehyang Sauce