Tony Yoo


Tony Yoo is one of the most acclaimed chefs of Modern Korean dining. He had opportunities to experience diverse styles of cuisine in a variety of restaurants. As an executive chef in the Embassy of South Korea in the U.K, he was in charge of luncheon & dinner for the London 2012 Olympics and introduced the beauty of Korean cuisine to the world. He learned Korean temple food and Korean traditional spice at ‘Sun-Jae Temple Food & Culture Research Institute’ and he has successfully launched modern Korean restaurants like D6, Kitchen-Flos, 24Seasons based on these various experience. He is currently owner chef at Korean dining restaurant located in Gahoe-dong, Seoul. He has received Korea’s first Michelin star and won Award of Ministry of Agriculture in 2011.

How did you feel about joining JFWF 2019?

This is my third participation, but I feel different every time. Also, it was a great opportunity to discover new food ingredients in Jeju.

What is the most important factor in cooking?

The mind, the sincerity, because it is passed on to the people who eat through the food. Cooking is expensive and cheap is not important. It’s about what kind of mindset you make.

Any advice for those who dream of a chef?

I’m sure everyone has a problem, but I hope you don’t give up and go on your own path. Slump is not in my life!


Marinated Abalone & Broccoli Rice Bowl Topped with Sea Urchin