Michele Verrillo

Cheju Halla University

Michele Verrillo started his culinary journey as a professional chef in Italy, in 1981, when he worked in in Naples, and for the next 38 years, he never stopped learning. His massive experience related to pizzeria, food industry, advanced level of fruit sculpture and international cuisine has been built up consistently. In Jeju Island, he has been teaching Culinary Arts in the Gastronomy course in Cheju Halla University in 2018. Chef Verrillo never rested on his laurels because his mission is to preserve culinary legacy generation after generation, and cross the ocean to make people happy all over the world. That’s the reason why Michele Verrillo has been, humbly, teaching for the last 13 years in Pellegrino Artus secondary school in Rome. In this way, his magical and utterly fascinating Italian recipes will live forever through the hands of tomorrow’s master chefs.

How did you feel about joining JFWF 2019?

It was a great opportunity to combine my knowledge of cooking and skills and the ingredients of a beautiful island like Jeju.

What is the most important factor in cooking?

It is important to listen to the senses and scent of the ingredients so that they can be fused in a harmonious way.

Any advice for those who dream of a chef?

Don’t stop studying recipes and always try new solutions. Don’t get out of the identity of the food, but I want you to evolve it in your own way.


Pork Fillet and Apple with Saute Spinach and Sweet & Sour Sauce