Kyu-Sung Choi


Kyu-Sung Choi is currently owner pastry chef of which is located in Seolleung, Seoul. To acquire advanced confectionary of Europe, he moved to France in 2004, and has experienced various styles of confectionary by working at bakeries, restaurants, and hotels in Paris for 11 years. When he worked at the , he was part of Pieere Herme team member. Based on this experience, he got the title of ‘Pieere Herme Chef’ as the first Asian so that he could opened by Christian Dior in Cheongdam-dong branch and worked as Chief Operating Officer, Seoul. After that, he was in charge of managing which is located in Jongno, Seoul. He thought that natural flavor is the most important part of gastronomy. That is why he considers his desserts as harmony of different ingredients. Also, he is the best pâtissier in Korea who made modernity with Korean ingredients based on classic French style.

How did you feel about joining JFWF 2019?

Last year, it was a meaningful time to participate in this year’s event. I think working with great chefs outside of Korea will be a good fortune. Thank you to the organizers for their hard work.

What is the most important factor in cooking?

The most important and first thing that needs to be started is not just the technical food you see, but the food that you can taste through your mouth.

Any advice for those who dream of a chef?

No matter what job you have, I hope you have a sense of pride in your job, and you also need to try to keep your interest in the job you choose. I hope you will gain experience and internal value while walking your way. And I think you’ll find yourself glowing at some point.


Udo Peanut Biscuit, Jeju Kumquat Marmalade Dark Chocolate Cremeux, Jeju Kumquat Semi Confit, Dark Chocolate Crumble