Edward Kwon

LAB XXIV, Elements

Chef Edward Kwon has been a chef at the Hotel Ritz Carlton and the W Hotel in San Francisco, the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Tianjin, China, executive chef of the Fairmont Hotel in Dubai, and executive chef of the famous Hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai. Although he specializes in French cuisine, he is interested in globalizing Korean cuisine, so infuses his dishes with Korean flavors and styles. He has been appointed consultant to various national banquet events and recently become the executive chef for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, for which he has developed 10 special menus. As CEO of EK Foods, he runs , and . has been on the La Liste World 1000 Restaurants since 2016

How did you feel about joining JFWF 2019?

As we have participated for 4 years, we hope that the event will be more proud than anyone else, and through these festivals, we hope that the food culture and the culture of dining in Korea will become more active.

What is the most important factor in cooking?

Chef and customer posture for cooking. I think it’s a mindset. There are many factors, such as good food ingredients, but I think that the first and the first attitude I encounter is the starting point of communication that can be achieved through food.

Any advice for those who dream of a chef?

It’s a hard job, mentally and physically, but if you have a mission as a person who creates the most basic culture of human life, it will come to happiness, not labor.


Jeju Pork Jowl, Spring Garden, Pumpkin Vinegar Glaze Sous Vide Pork Jowl