A B O U T  J F W F

Jeju Food and Wine Festival (JFWF) is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year on Jeju Island. Famous chefs from all over the world and Korea to showcase various flavors and flavors of Korean cuisine using the ingredients of Jeju Island.

This non-profit cultural event is aimed at promoting the excellence of Jeju’s farming, fisheries and livestock industries, contributing to the promotion of Jeju Island’s tourism and food industry, and fostering global talent, including culinary students and people in the province and related industries.

JEJU Food & Wine Festival

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Jeju Food and Wine Festival’s Purpose

International Food Festival

Food-themed international festival to be held in Jeju Island, the center of East Asia.

New Cultural Tourism Icon of Jeju

Develops as a new cultural tourism icon of Jeju Island as an annual continuous event.

Expanding into a Public Cultural Event

Expanding into a public cultural event embracing both visitors and Jeju residents.

Promoting the excellence of Jeju’s local ingredients

Promoting the excellence of Jeju’s local ingredients, making the island’s agricultural, fisheries and livestock sectors core resources for Korean gastronomic culture.

Leading the Korean Gastronomic Culture

Establishment of Jeju as a pioneer of spreading and advertising the gastronomy of Korea through JFWF.

Cultivating Student Chefs

Nurturing of culinary students in Jeju and people in the related field to be the future generation of Korean gastronomy.


It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the ‘JEJU Food and Wine Festival 2021’, where the world meets the gastronomy of Jeju. Under the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic situation, we decided to continue this festival for the Jeju local restaurants that suffer from the downturn of tourism industry. The festival consists of the blended program with online and offline channel. 200 local restaurants and cafes begin the festival which is followed by SCOTY (Student Chef Of The Year) and Chef cooking demonstration and interview through the various online channel.


This festival has 3 important meanings;

First, the participating top chefs will draw new spotlights to the regional ingredients of Jeju by using them in their creative dishes. The chefs will be the models as the good-will ambassadors of Korean and Jeju culture.

Second, we will create another touristic attraction of Jeju, which will add another reason to visit Jeju for both domestic and international visitors. Food festival is an ideal cultural exchange which will bring everyone together.

Third, we will nurture young talent who want to become chefs by inviting them to volunteer in the kitchen, which will enable them to interact with the world’s top chefs. Also, it will become an opportunity to promote the future generation of Korean and Jeju gastronomy by establishing communities with chefs around the world.


I would like to send special thanks to the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, and all the officers in the Office of Jeju for appreciating the purpose and supporting this festival. Furthermore, I would like to thank the sponsors who fulfill the social responsibilities of the enterprises because the festival now has more meaning after your participation. We, the JEJU Food and Wine Festival 2020, believe that it will become a founding stone of the globalization of Korean culture with co-supervision of Jeju Tourism Organization, Cheju Halla University and Jeju Food and Wine Festival, a nonprofit corporation.

Moon-Sun Chung
President of Korea Food and Wine Festival